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User Experience Improvements 

Proof of corporate IQ in the IT sector is no longer a matter of big buildings being filled with people who commute long distances to occupy the same physical space.  User experience research and improved outcomes are now non-local, systemic and driven by AI to compare variables through algorithms.  Minute variations in big-data details generate meaningful insights;
but these must still be for people.  

HELPING COMMERCE LIVE™ is a proprietary DIGATRADE approach to design; a design philosophy.  We gather and merge the collective insights of deep-system designers, as individuals, from diverse countries and lifestyles, augmented with artificial intelligence (AI) into applications in order to make transactions safer and comfortable for all the stakeholders.  We strive to make digital technology user-friendly for people to live their lives with less stress, not more.


DIGATRADE develops fintech information technology solutions for people and companies to save them money and to provide them with IT platforms to make money.  This includes initiatives in the emerging digital currency environment.


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There are many bright software developers in the world whose terrific ideas are not available for use by the financial institutions who need them.  DIGATRADE is changing that. 

We are an emerging community of such programmers whose best work is finding a new access point, for you.

inclusive approach
maximum reach


DIGATRADE uses the world’s most inclusive model for sourcing opportunities and project activation, both.  In the marketplace, most development takes place either within corporate in-house teams, or by independent developers or in studios performing work on a project-by-project basis for 3rd parties.  

DIGATRADE embraces all three environments as sources of business opportunity and as destinations for completed projects, depending on whether we are initiating projects or responding to needs defined by others.  






Working from anywhere in the world

A new type of global financial citizen is emerging that requires the ability to be connected financially without borders, for personal enterprise, expression and opportunity. Such people are involved with payment protocols that were unimaginable only a short time ago.

Pay and get paid

The point of using payment modes business, life and in social media is to send or receive funds that make record keeping easier, and provide a trail that relates to projects or communications. We have new ideas for cryptocurrency integration that works for your peace of mind and convenience.  But even in the use of traditional credit cards, DIGATRADE has bright ideas for safety and privacy.

Payment App Development

So many future features and benefits arise from a commitment to User Experience Research.  Scheduling, tracking, reviewing, commenting, marketing, shopping, creating, privacy - all these concepts are related to personalization of payment platforms.  

DIGATRADE is about finding new perspectives.

sample Fintech opportunity:

credit card fraud


have you ever heard of a retailer being hacked?

Of course you have.  It happens all the time.  Personal financial information harvesting is still a thing. It’s bigger than ever.


do you think that a secure merchant website is the answer?

If personal information is with the retailer, it will be seen.  It’s a matter of when, not if.


think it doesn't affect everyone, if you've escaped identity invasion?

When institutions lose money due to credit theft of any kind, costs go up.  Nothing is free.  Those costs get passed on as higher prices.


don't live in a big city, so it's less likely to happen. right?

In the online, digital era, there is only one city.  It’s called Planet Earth.  We are vulnerable wherever the internet exists, or whenever we access it.  Location is irrelevant.


what if you never provided your personal identity information to online payment processors. would that make a difference?

Data can’t be hacked on a third party site if they don’t possess it.  Yet, the public would be surprised how widespread their credit card numbers are in virtual space.  


digatrade is developing a way to dramatically reduce all online card-not-present credit card fraud. this represents billions of dollars of savings.

Not only savings in money, but also savings in time, stress and downstream risk.  Reputation matters.

















I’m eager for you to discover what DIGATRADE can do for you in the world of payment platform technology enhancements, and integration of digital currency advances.

Having spent many years watching and participating in fintech and cryptocurrency issues, I know first-hand that this field is difficult to understand at the leading edge.  It’s morphing continuously.

DIGATRADE is a thought partner and ally to financial institutions who can benefit from assistance to maintain a leadership role as things around them change.

We can work independently to develop turnkey solutions, or as an adjunct to your existing initiatives.

DIGATRADE understands the balance required to put people first, yet to ensure that systems are paramount.  This is a paradox - yet 21st century living presents this new challenge.  
Let’s talk..


Beyond inspiration.  INTELLIGENCE APPLIED. 



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1500 West Georgia Street, Suite 1300
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T: +1 (604) 200-0071
F: +1 (604) 200-0072
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