APPLIED inspiration.

At DIGATRADE Financial Corp., financial system solutions begin with creative genius, but we don’t stop there.  Applications from our programming team  address complex and valuable customer needs realistically.  From reducing the financial losses of credit card fraud to increasing the utility of blockchain-based financial transactions, DIGATRADE is commercializing a world of benefit-rich software and hardware applications. 

Join us in discovering the world of DIGATRADE Financial Corp.

Market Research

DIGATRADE has determined, through extensive research, key areas in which new software and hardware opportunities can be implemented for financial institutions

Business Strategy

DIGATRADE programming teams submit proposals that push the envelope of software and hardware deployment for new applications.  We source creative genius globally; commercialize anywhere.

Future Vision

There are powerful forces at work to bring the world a next generation of everything.  Much of what you are familiar with today online is already becoming “yesterday”. DIGATRADE is transformative.



More than a slogan - innovation is our reason for existence. DIGATRADE identifies and applies what’s new in deep programming to become tomorrow’s reality;  Fintech, Blockchain and online Payment Platform Technology deployment of all kinds.

solving big problems 
is rewarding for all

Progress can be controversial.  There is always some concern about what new tech is doing for us, or to us.  DIGATRADE protects and secures.  There are huge opportunities to deliver greater fintech freedom and functionality.  The history of fintech is of growing choice.  In blockchain too, we see that the development stage of a powerful new paradigm has arrived.  DIGATRADE is developing in this space too.




BILLION global consumers

Ultimately what is conceived and what is developed
needs to emerge in a form that solves problems.
The supply of problems is never ending.

This is DIGATRADE’s purpose.


What We Can Do


If you are a public investor, DIGATRADE provides a way to participate in the future value of fintech computer programming and new payment solutions technology.


If you are a consumer, DIGATRADE provides new solutions that are coming your way.  


If you are in computer sciences in any capacity, DIGATRADE provides a source of new partnerships for tomorrow.  


If you are a financial institution, DIGATRADE provides a valuable partnership resource.

beyond one opinion

Opinions matter. They are the pulse of the world. What can we learn from them?

beyond one expertise

Applying blended knowledge is where it’s at.  Intelligence is a hybrid.

beyond one idea

DIGATRADE is a knowledge field.  No single idea defines our total success horizon.

beyond one direction

21st Century intelligence is expanding exponentially, like DIGATRADE.

Our Skills

Our widely distributed international programming development team has deep capabilities; theoretical and practical, for consumers and business.
Our joint venture explorations are opening new vistas, for you.

We have re-visited assumptions on which the world’s most prominent fintech platforms are based.  We examine what worked from the past and what doesn’t now.  The opportunity exists to leverage what is known about earlier systems to provide alternatives.  We then infuse inspiration to our expertise. Being “the best” yesterday no longer guarantees being the best tomorrow.  Our research and development skills are being deployed in order to earn tomorrow’s top positions in key applications.  Only knowledge stands in the way; and knowledge is our specialty.

  • percentage of our team with programming expertise - 90%
  • branding expertise - 77%
  • direct international business experience - 85%

current projects

The worldwide system of payments for all commerce is one of the most important of all fields.  All modern life depends on it. DIGATRADE has formed operating teams that are already underway designing next generation fintech.  We are already liaising with experts to join forces in deep fintech applications that will save institutions billions of dollars annually in losses arising from credit fraud.  Even more is to come from DIGATRADE in the realm of blockchain derived solutions. There are immensely practical and worthwhile applications in these fields.

Why we are different

DIGATRADE is a public company that draws in experts.  We convert the design passion of our collaborating developers, as individuals, into commercial outcomes.

Brilliant innovation in the world of software development can occur at the level of the individual, but such individuals alone don’t usually have the means to commercialize their insights.  We have formed a community of such talented individuals in order to blend their multiple fintech perspectives into practical applications for the benefit of DIGATRADE customers.

From Our TEAM

The way our creators think.

“I am thrilled to be part of the DIGATRADE software development community.  I don’t work for a huge corporation, but I have huge ideas. We can make a difference together. We already are.”


“Coordinating the work of our designers so that practical outcomes occur - that is so challenging and rewarding. This environment is perfect for great accomplishment for our customers.”


“There is so much depth and potential in emerging fintech.  
Digatrade customers have a front row seat to tomorrow.”

Brad Moynes, CEO, DIGATRADE Financial Corp.



Faster speed bringing even more payment platform possibilities.

Increasing internet speeds, by various means, are having an impact. This expands the opportunity to integrate new applications in ways that were not practical before.  We are already preparing for this at DIGATRADE.

  • Massive increase in speed fosters total integration 
  • Always-on social media transactional eco-system
  • Increasing global reach for every transaction 
  • Security of financial transactions is even more vital 
  • Revisions and enhancements to everything

FINTECH application Consulting

program Market Research

idea Mergers & Acquisitions

collaborate globally

institutionAL solutions

reduction of harm in fintech

innovation support

intellectual property strategy

inclusive culture for DEVELOPERS


Beyond inspiration.  INTELLIGENCE APPLIED.




Financial Corp.

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DIGATRADE is working at the leading edge of fintech. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission, in whatever capacity. 

FUTURE VISION. Today’s Action. That’s DIGATRADE.